Where can I find a full list of treatments covered?

Please check the treatments list here

Will I be covered as a mobile beauty therapist?

Yes! Our policy allows you to work from your home, in a clients home or ‘renting a chair’ in a salon.

Do you insure online beauty courses?

Yes! We specialise in insuring online courses as well as face to face classroom courses. 

Do you only insure Beauty Therapists under your Beauty Therapist Insurance?

Beauty Therapist Insurance is the name of the product but we insure a wide range of health and beauty treatments as part of this product. The full list of which can be found here: https://www.radiusinsurance.co.uk/beauty-activities/

Do I need to send you my certificates?

No. You will only be required to provide your certificates should you need to raise a claim.

Do I need to inform you if I add a new qualification?

No. As long as it is listed as a treatment we are able to insure, you do not need to inform us of your new qualification in order to be covered.

Can I provide treatments to minors?

The minimum age for treatments is 18.

The only exception to this is manicures: We can agree to Under 18s having their nails done subject to parental consent with a signed form to confirm consent. However, please note this is a basic shape and polish only. 

What is the minimum age for insurance?

The minimum age for insurance is 18.

The only exception to this is student insurance which we provide as a separate policy through education and training providers.

How do I cancel my policy?

Please send us an email stating you wish to cancel your policy and include your policy number and company name.


How do I update my address?

All address changes can be made by yourself online. Once you have logged in you will be able to view your policy then click on Make Changes to Policy, you can update your address there.

Do you provide certificates for display?

We do not supply certificates as standard as the Schedule will provide all the necessary details. If you would like a certificate please request one via email including your policy number and company name.


Can I provide treatments to pregnant women?

Pregnancy Massage is covered by the policy, provided you are specifically qualified in Pregnancy Massage as there are many restrictions and procedures that must be adhered to.

We do not insure treatments that involve chemicals, such as lash tinting/extensions etc. 

As per the policy wording we exclude cover for any Enlighten, IPL laser and other similar light based invasive therapies.

As manufacture guidelines for products that come in contact with the skin is to not apply these products to pregnant women as there is a chance that the chemicals can be absorbed into the bloodstream and cause harm to an unborn baby. Also, pregnant women can become allergic to products they were not allergic to before. Lastly, harsh chemicals being breathed in can cause harm to an unborn baby. 

Can I provide treatments abroad? 

If you live in the UK and your company is domiciled in the UK, you are covered to perform ad hoc treatment abroad worldwide excluding cover for USA and Canada.
You will not be covered to set up a company abroad.